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Living With Pulmonary Hypertension

Many people with PPH do not look sick. Many feel perfectly well most of the time, as long as they do not strain themselves physically. In the early stages of the disease, many are able to go to school or work on a full - or part-time basis.

  • Relaxation exercises and stress reduction activities may help many people with PPH keep up with their regular activities for a while. Having a positive attitude is also helpful.

    Walking is good exercise for many people with PPH. Advanced patients who find walking too exhausting may use a wheelchair or motorized scooter. Others stay busy with activities that are not of a physical nature.

    Some people with advanced PPH carry portable oxygen when they go out.

    Ongoing medical care is important. Treatment by a cardiologist or pulmonologist who specializes in pulmonary vascular medicine is usually recommended. These specialists are usually located at major medical centers.

    PPH patients should also eat a healthy diet, not smoke, and get plenty of rest.

    Situations that can make PPH symptoms worse are:

    Living at or travel to high altitudes, where the air is thin and the amount of oxygen in the air is low

  • Air travel
  • Pregnancy

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